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My name is Calum and I'm a Scottish guy who lives in Denver and studies music.




Why do all sci-fi movies have to be about the world ending? Like why can’t aliens come and be friends like they come down just to be freeloaders. 

"hey, man can I use your wi-fi?" 
"yeah, sure just be gone by the time my roomate gets back. He doesn’t like people using the connection"
"Yeah, cool" 

Isn’t that the premise of the movie “Paul”?

also ET just wanted to borrow someone’s phone


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To the person responsible for this image-

I’m a fan of your work.



Norma Jean // Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste

if u don’t like this song ur lying stop lying to urself

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Quiet - This Will Destroy You

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Ansel Adams
Moon and Half Dome, 1960


Jesse from Killswitch Engage helping us out with some guest vocals tonight. #codeorange #killswitchengage

This is so fucking rad. Wish I could have witnessed this in person.

  • NASA: provides troves of data about the moon that couldn't be made up
  • NASA: provides images of it used by technologies that were just being made at the time
  • NASA: provided thousands of jobs to citizens in the quest to learn about the moon
  • NASA: uses the very real data acquired from its moon missions to further understand moon formations and satellites like it
  • NASA: dealt with grueling tests, trials and tribulations to get people on the moon
  • person:
  • some conspiracy site you got linked off a youtube vid about aliens: what if he nasa not went not moon?
  • person: you have a point, this could have all been staged

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